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Use the forms below to apply for the program.

In order for families to access Act 166 funds, the following documents must be fully completed and documentation submitted prior to October 1st for a child’s enrollment, unless they begin part way through the school year.

1.  Affidavit Concerning Pupil Residency and produce documentation listed on the Application Check Sheet.

2.  Act 166-Prek Program Application must be filled out completely, including the second page section signed by the Director of your program.

3.  Parental Agreement.


The WCSU cannot start Prek tuition payments until all required documents are received and our office has signed the Agreement.  Tuition payments will be prorated after October 1st, 2024 based on the date the Agreement is signed AND the date each child’s WCSU enrollment is completed.

If the paperwork and required documents are not submitted and approved, then the families will be responsible for full payment of the private prek program fees.

Tuition is paid for 35 weeks of predetermined Public Prek dates. 

WCSU Residency Affidavit .pdf
WCSU act 166 prek application revised 061224.docx.pdf
Prek Parental Agreement.pdf

Private PreK

Private Prek programs must file a Prek Partnership Agreement with our district every year, a W-9 and a copy of their current liability insurance.  You will also need to provide us with the names of your current teachers/staff and fingerprinting results.

Publicly Funded Pre-K Partnership Agreement 2024.pdf

Any questions?

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