Professional Learning


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Guidelines for Expense Reimbursement

All professional learning expense reimbursement requests are subject to the terms established by negotiated agreements between the Windham Central Education Association and School Boards.

In accordance with the master agreement, Windham Central will typically cover expenses for the following.

  • Workshop registration and any additional fees required
  • Travel to and from the workshop by the least expensive means, carpooling is expected whenever possible
  • Parking – in cities, public transportation is encouraged to lower fees
  • Meals- within the time frame of the event, up to $50 per day limit
  • Hotel fees: Up to $150 per person per night limit, exceptions approved by Chief Financial Officer with adequate justification, sharing rooms is expected

When workshops are given in multiple locations, Windham Central will require the participant to attend the least expensive workshop in terms of travel, hotel, and meals costs.

Documentation (including all receipts) is required for all out of pocket expenses, and will be reviewed by the business office prior to reimbursement.

Approval for certain expenses is at the discretion of the Windham Central Grant Administrator as it pertains to the grant objective.

To initiate reimbursement, employees must provide the following information within 2 weeks of completing the professional learning activity:

  • certificate of completion (including total number of hours and college credits where applicable)
  • proof of payment: receipt, cancelled check, credit card statement clearly indicating the vendor, activity and participant name
  • receipts for lodging, meals, and other travel expenses itemized by category (see above) (receipts must match requested amount in My Learning Plan)
  • mileage verification

There is an expectation that, upon returning from workshops sponsored by the district through grants or otherwise, the participant will contribute to local sharing of expertise gained from the professional learning activity with colleagues in the WCSU in its ongoing efforts to improve student learning.