Below are documents available to you for onboarding for a variety of positions at WCSU, including Substitute Teaching, Volunteering and general employment.  If you're looking for all benefit and insurance specific forms, please see our Employee Portal.

All forms are in PDF format.  Simply click and print the form to be filled out.   All completed forms should be given to the Central Office.

Forms and Information for Employees

General Forms

Bi-Weekly Time Sheet
Employee Address & Emergency Contact Form.docx
Column Change and Verification
MASTER Stipend Agreement FY23.pdf
Contract Preparation Form (1).docx
fw4 2023.pdf
Direct Deposit Form FY20.docx
WCSU_MileageReimbForm 2023

Substitute Hiring Packet and Time Sheet

Substitute Time Sheet.pdf

Volunteers Packet

General Employment Hiring Packet

Payroll Calendar

VEHI Creditable Coverage Notice - Medicare Part D.pdf

Annual Notice for Creditable Coverage and Medicare Part D 

Open Enrollment for Medicare Part D Prescription Coverage is from October 15 through December 7, 2022. For your information, individuals may enroll in a Medicare drug plan when they first become eligible for Medicare and each year thereafter during open enrollment (October 15th to December 7th).  Eligible individuals may delay enrollment in part D without penalty as long as they are enrolled in other creditable coverage.