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Welcome to the Windham Central Supervisory Union Employee Portal. Here you will find important documents and resources on your general benefits, and forms available to fill out for any benefit and insurance updates. Please see our Forms and Information for Employees page to get standard employee onboarding forms.

For inquiries about general HR, please email hr@windhamcentral.org and you'll reach a group of employees at the central office.

People's United Bank has a special Workplace Banking Program that is offered to employees. Find more details on the $100 Personal Checking Account Incentive and more information about enrolling in this benefit on their Website.

Welcome back to the 2019-2020 School Year

Below are some new files that will be very helpful this year.

New eFinance Plus
WCSU_Guidelines for ProfDevWorkshopsAndTravelReimb.pdf

Compare offered healthcare plans and find more information on how to best use your BCBSVT benefit.

VEHI ENROLLMENT & CHANGE FORM - Fill out this form for any healthcare plan changes.

Check out How Do I Know What to Pay? on the VEHI website for more tips and information on paying medical bills.

Use the Northeast Delta Dental website to get information on plan coverage, vision discounts and other benefits of your plan.

NEDD ENROLLMENT CHANGE FORM - Fill out this form for any dental plan changes.

Click here for information on the Vision Discount Program

Insurance Benefit Summary Teachers Handbook FY20.docx

Benefits Summary - Teachers and Handbook Employees

Insurance Benefit Summary Union Support FY20.docx

Benefits Summary - Union Support Staff Employees

Click here for log in instructions to access your online portal: csONE Quickstart Guide

HRA CLAIM FORM - Fill out this form if you need to submit a claim for reimbursement to csONE.

FSA ENROLLMENT FORM - Fill out this form if you need to enroll in a Flexible Spending Account through DataPath and would like direct deposit of your reimbursements.

FSA CLAIM FORM - Fill out this form if you need to submit a claim for reimbursement to csONE.

Find information specific to your HRA, FSA and Dependent Care accounts including:

  • Customer service contact for csONE
  • Details on the benefits of an HRA, FSA or Dependent Care account
  • Online enrollment instructions

Do you have an HSA? (Health Savings Account) Click here for the HSA Benefits Guide

Are you enrolling in an HSA? Please click here for the Enrollment Form

Are you contributing to your retirement fund? Because you're a teacher with WCSU, you may be eligible for the Vermont State Teachers Retirement System. If you are employed by WCSU but are not a teacher, you may be eligible for the Vermont Municipal Retirement System.

If you contribute to a Vermont Municipal Retirement fund, your contribution will be matched from WCSU. The Vermont State Teachers Retirement System does not have a match provided from WCSU.

Contact the Office of the State Treasurer for more information about your retirement fund: (802) 828-2301

INVEST EAP provides in-person, confidential, short-term counseling, legal and financial advice, assessments, and resource and referral information about a broad range of life and workplace related issues. This benefit is available to all employees and their household members.

Visit the Invest EAP website or call: 1 (800) 287-2173. Use the word "vsbit" as the organization password when creating an account.