Harassment, Hazing & Bullying

WCSU is committed to providing safe and healthy schools for our students. The documents on this page outline the duties and obligations of our school districts to receive, report and act on claims of harassment, hazing and bullying, as determined by the Vermont School Boards Insurance Trust and adopted by Windham Central Supervisory Union.

Principals & Designees

Designees are principal appointed staff members trained in receiving and reporting complaints of harassment, hazing and bullying.

Leland & Gray Union Middle High School

Ph: (802) 221-2100

Bob Thibault, Principal, bthibault@windhamcentral.org

Sarah Grasso, HS Counselor, sgrasso@windhamcentral.org

Cindy Motter, MS Counselor, cmotter@windhamcentral.org

Townshend Elementary School

Ph: 802-365-7506

Renee Merluzzi, Principal, rmerluzzi@windhamcentral.org

Megan Paraspolo, SEL Coordinator, mparaspolo@windhamcentral.org

Bre Madison, Home to School Liaison, bmadison@windhamcentral.org

Windham Elementary School

Ph: 802-874-4159

Mickey Parker-Jennings, Principal, mparkerjennings@windhamcentral.org

Bridget Corby, Admin Assistant, bcorby@windhamcentral.org

Marlboro Elementary School

Ph: (802) 254-2668

Wayne Kermenski, Principal, wkermenski@windhamcentral.org

Pam Maile, Teacher, pmaile@windhamcentral.org

Dover Elementary School

Ph: (802) 464-5386

Matt Martyn, Principal, mmartyn@windhamcentral.org

Traci Bartlett, Counselor, tbartlett@windhamcentral.org

Jamaica Village School

Ph: (802) 874-4822

Monica Deuse, Principal, mdeuse@windhamcentral.org

Bre Madison, Home to School Liaison, bmadison@windhamcentral.org

Wardsboro Elementary School

Ph: (802) 896-6210

Tammy Bates, Principal, tbates@windhamcentral.org

Traci Bartlett, Counselor, tbartlett@windhamcentral.org

NewBrook Elementary School

Ph: (802)365-7536

Scotty Tabachnick, Principal, stabachnick@windhamcentral.org

Carrie Towle, Counselor, ctowle@windhamcentral.org

District Responsibilities for Receiving and Acting on Claims

Duty to take Complaints.pdf

District Responsibilities for Student Appeals