Standards Board

Local Standards Board

The purpose of the WINDHAM CENTRAL SUPERVISORY UNION LOCAL STANDARDS BOARD is to recommend re-licensure of teachers and to assist them in developing Individual Professional Learning Plans (IPLP). 

While it is the responsibility of each individual teacher to acquire and maintain his or her professional license, the responsibilities of the Board will be:

Attached (link below) is the Windham Central Local Standards Board Plan of Operation (PDF).

Local Standards Board Representatives

Local Standards Board - Representatives

For Level I Teachers

Level I teachers will need to present 3 documented credits to the board in order to transition to Level II or to renew a Level I.  If you have taught for 3 years in Vermont and have been teaching in your endorsement area, you MUST move to Level II.

Portfolios and re-licensure packets are due by April 1st.

To facilitate the process be sure to review your proposed IPLP with a board member prior to submitting it AND present unsigned activity requests to the board ASAP. This part (approving credits/activities) of the process should have been occurring over the last licensure period. Please remember this, as it is best practice for the future.

Teachers may continue to send activity requests to the board during this time. They will be stamped with the date they were received but will not be processed until we have complete the portfolio process with those teachers whose recertification expires this year.

Standards Board Calendar