Central Office Staff

Laurie Garland - Business Manager, Windham Central Supervisory Union

Phone- 802-221-2076

Stephanie Betit-Hancock - Director of Special Education, Windham Central Supervisory Union

Phone- 802-221-2065

Jen McKusick - Director of Curriculum, Windham Central Supervisory Union 

Phone- 802-221-2063

Sue Haskins

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent & Office Manager

Sue is the first person you will see when you come to the central office. She manages the day to day and keeps the office running smoothly. She also handles Pre K coordination for the district as well as Professional Development. 

To contact Sue: shaskins@windhamcentral.org or 802-221-2061

Fun Fact: Sue and her sister were the first female football players for the Connecticut Valley Pee Wee Football League 

Deb Mears

Medicaid Clerk and Office Support

Have trouble logging into eFinance or the Employee Access Center? Deb is the one to call!  She also manages the user views for all employees to work in the eFP system.  Deb also bills medicaid which is a revenue for all the districts.  In a typical year Deb is responsible for billing and collecting 180-200k of revenue.

To contact Deb- dmears@windhamcentral.org or 802-221-2075. 

Fun Fact: Deb loves spending time with her 2 year old granddaughter best!

Sue Petrie

Accounts Payable Specialist

Sue is the newest member or our team. She serves the following districts: West River, Windham and Windham Central. If you are seeking reimbursement in one of these districts, Sue is your go to!  Also you might hear from her if you placed an order and she needs additional documentation.  

To contact Sue: ap@windhamcentral.org or 802-221-2071

Fun Fact: Sue was born, raised and educated right here in the great state of Vermont.  Sue has 2 kids (young adults) and 2 pets (Keisha & Toby) and a new four legged fur grandbaby by the name of Goose!

Michelle Brown

Human Resource and Payroll/Benefits Coordinator - Frontline Contact

Michelle is your one stop shop for all questions concerning human resource, payroll or benefits.  Michelle is responsible for HR in all districts within WCSU,  these include;  WRED, RVSD, Marlboro, Windham and Windham Central payrolls.

She can also help you with our new Records electronic forms platform. 

To contact Michelle-  HR@windhamcentral.org or 802-221-2066

Fun Fact: Michelle has achieved the Appalachian Mountain Club NH48 patch - 4K footers are no match for Michelle, she climbed 48 of them  in 365 days!

Donna Albin

Accounting Assistant, Accounts Payable Specialist, National School Lunch Coordinator

Donna has the longest title of anyone in the office.  Wearing many hats is her specialty!  If you work in RVSD (Dover/Wardsboro) or Marlboro she is your go to for reimbursements and accounts payable.  Donna also keeps all the districts on track with the NSLP program.

To contact Donna- dalbin@windhamcentral.org or 802-221-2067

Fun Fact: Donna grew up near a zoo and occasionally would have to take care of an abandoned lion, tiger or monkey.  Ask her about Joe the monkey!

Joni Bertram

Administrative Assistant to the Director of Special Education and WCSU Homeless Liaison

When Joni isn’t working alongside Stephanie Betit-Hancock she is tracking our most vulnerable students.  Contact Joni for more information on homeless students and what we can do to help families in need.   If you have a question about  special education, she is your first point of contact.

To contact Joni- specialed@windhamcentral.org or 802-221-2072

Fun Fact: Joni loves to travel and her husband has the t-shirt collection to prove it!

Liz Francese

Administrative Assistant to the Director of Curriculum and Grant Coordinator

As WCSU’s Grant Coordinator Liz handles all things grants!  Currently, with federal ESSER funds,  Liz is managing several new grants in addition to our normal 1.5m in grant funding SU wide. 

Thinking about writing a grant or spending money in a grant that is underway?  Please contact Liz!  

To contact Liz- efrancese@windhamcentral.org or 802-221-2073

Fun Fact: Liz considers herself a “flatlander” from Rhode Island and has a 17 lb cat named “Mr Marge”

Laura Davis 

Payroll Specialist 

Laura Davis comes to us with years of experience in payroll from a local business.

This vital position manages our five district payrolls as well as the absence management system, Frontline.  

Laura has become the go to person for all payroll questions and chocolate that she keeps on hand!  

To contact Laura- pr@windhamcentral.org or 802-221-2078

Laura’s fun fact: she lived in Philadelphia for 6 years and gained an undying love for the Philadelphia Phillies.

Heidi Russ

Purchasing Agent and Business Office Assistant

Heidi is the newest addition to the business office.  She comes to us from Townshend Elementary with a wide range of knowledge.

Heidi is the go to purchasing agent for WRED and Windham elementary schools  as well as working with vendors for ‘best price’ items throughout the districts.  Heidi is also learning the ropes in the business office and continuing her role in the SU’s PreK Coordination 

To contact Heidi- hruss@windhamcentral.org or 802-221-2064

Fun Fact:  Heidi has visited 14 National Parks in the United States, the most recent being Death Valley!

Grace Powers

Office Support

Grace keeps us all moving smoothly through the year!  She has been invaluable in keeping us organized.  Grace is working part time while attending college. 

Grace is working towards a dual major in Equine studies and business. She hopes to run her own equine business in the future! 

To contact Grace- gpowers@windhamcentral.org or 802-221-2075

Fun Fact: Grace is a graduate of The Dover School!

Michele Hartje

Assistant Director of Student Services

Michele has been with Windham Central since January of 2020. First as a special education teacher at Townshend Elementary and now in an SU-wide administrative role supporting Stephanie and the special education team with compliance and procedural related tasks as well as curriculum, instruction, and progress monitoring of student growth. Michele also acts as our 504 Coordinator for elementary schools and the Stronger Connections Program lead which encompasses SEAL (social-emotional academic learning) and MTSS for SEL/Behavior. Reach out to Michele at anytime you have a question about the continuum of support we provide to students with EST, 504, or IEP plans. 

To contact Michele- mhartje@windhamcentral.org or 802-221-2077

Fun Fact: Michele is a "first-gen" student and also the first of 9 siblings to graduate college!