WCSU 2023-2024

Professional Development 

WCSU is very excited to be offering their first ever conference style professional development!

In response to the feedback, commitment and dedication to growth by our faculty and staff, we are able to offer this unique professional development opportunity, which showcases the expertise of our colleagues and the collaborative power of our community as a whole. 

Use this page to learn more about the proposed workshops and to choose the ones you prefer to attend.  Please note: the schedule and workshops have not been finalized, however, we are dedicated to delivering the desired learning as best we can.  Thank you all for helping make this program a reality!

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Workshop Offerings Table

The table on the left shows the potential workshop offerings available to choose from.  Workshops are grouped by day and session (AM or PM).  Details include the workshop name, description, facilitator and  target audience. You may select a workshop outside of your grade level. 

Final workshop offerings and individual schedules are subject to change based on availability, capacity and principal approval.

Sign up Form

Use the form on the right or click on this link to select your workshop preferences for each date. You must be logged in to your Windham Central account to sign up. Note: L&G teachers will be attending an alternate PD on Days 2, 4 and 5. 

If you have any questions, or if there are any issues with either the table or the form, please contact Liz Francese (efrancese@windhamcentral.org).