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Continuation of Free Meals through 2021

The WCSU School district will follow the Seamless Summer Option (SSO) Meal Program for FY 22. This program with the USDA & Vermont AOE will allow all school children to be served free breakfast and lunch through the school year.

RVSD and Marlboro School families are still requested to send in meal applications. Applications can be found here: https://education.vermont.gov/sites/aoe/files/documents/edu-nutrition-meal-application-2021-2022.pdf

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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WRMUED Board Meeting 12-20-2021

RVUSD Board Meeting 01-03-2022

RVUSD Board Meeting 12-20-2021

Marlboro Board Meeting 12-16-2021

RVUSD Board Meeting 12-06-2021

WRMUED Board Meeting 11-15-2021

RVUSD Board Meeting 11-15-2021

WCSU Board Meeting 11-03-2021

RVUSD Board Meeting 11-01-2021

WCSU Board MEeting 10-27-2021

WRMUED Board Meeting 10-25-2021

RVUSD Board Meeting 10-18-2021

WCSU Board Meeting 09-29-2021

RVUSD Board Meeting 09-20-2021

WRMUED Board Meeting 09-20-2021

WRMUED Board Meeting 08-30-2021

WRMUED Board Meeting 08-16-2021

RVUSD Board Meeting 08-16-2021

RVUSD Board Meeting 08-02-2021

RVUSD Board Meeting 07-19-2021

WRED Board Meeting 06-14-2021

WCSU Board Meeting 06-16-2021

RVUSD Board Meeting 06-07-2021

WRED Board Meeting 05-17-2021

RVUSD Board Meeting 05-17-2021

RVUSD Board Meeting 05-03-2021

RVUSD Board Meeting 04-26-2021

WRED Board Meeting 03-23-2021

WRED Board Meeting 03-15-2021

RVUSD Board Meeting 03-08-2021

RVUSD Board Meeting 02-08-2021

RVUSD Board Meeting 01-25-2021

RVUSD Board Meeting 01-19-2021

RVUSD Board Meeting 12/08/2020

RVUSD Board Meeting 12/07/2020

RVUSD Board Meeting 11/16/2020

WRED Board Meeting 11/16/2020

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The Windham Central Supervisory Union serves nine towns in a geographically diverse area of southern Vermont, which includes the West River Valley and mountain ski areas. Geographically, it is the second largest Supervisory Union in the state covering 365 square miles and more than 150 miles of connecting roads.

Our Supervisory Union serves approximately 1000 students within the communities of Brookline, Dover, Jamaica, Marlboro, Newfane, Stratton, Townshend, Wardsboro, and Windham.

1219 Vermont Route 30 ◊ Townshend, VT 05353

802-365-9510 phone ◊ 802-365-7934 fax