Open Enrollment

Friday, October 18 - Friday, November 8

  • Open Enrollment is a period of time each year when employees are given the opportunity to re-visit their benefit plans, change to a new plan, drop a current plan, or newly enroll in plans if you didn't have them before.
  • It is not required for employees to make a change. If no change is made, your current status or current plans will stay the same.
  • Below is a list of the official forms that can be filled out either electronically or printed and scanned, to be submitted for your benefit change. Underneath the list is detailed information on the options available to you.

Make Your New Elections to be Effective on January 1, 2020!

Click on the green links below to access enrollment/change forms. All forms will need to be printed and signed by you.

Please email all of your forms to


Fill out this form if you would like to change your Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthcare plan starting in January. This form will be submitted to csONE to enroll you in an HRA if you qualify for one.


Fill out this form if you would you like to change your Northeast Delta Dental plan starting in January.


Fill out this form if you will be signing up for a csONE Flexible Spending Account (FSA).


Fill out this form if you will be signing up for a csONE Health Spending Account (HSA).

CLICK HERE for csONE Log In and Benefit Information

This booklet provides steps to register your account as well as general information and FAQs.

CLICK HERE for csONE HSA Information

This document provides frequently asked questions for HSA users.

  • These are the proposed monthly premiums you'll be paying starting in FY21. You will be notified when the rates are finalized.
  • These rates don't include the 85% coverage based on a Gold CDHP Plan and FTE status for WCSU and WRED employees. RVED and Marlboro employees receive 80% coverage.
  • Northeast Delta Dental monthly premiums will remain the same. If any changes are made, you will be notified. Dental insurance is not available to all districts.

Click Below for Helpful Plan Summaries

For plan questions or advice, please contact Blue Cross Blue Shield at 1-800-247-2583.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Website:

VEHI Enrollment Booklet Actives.pdf
NEDD Outline of Coverage 429-433, 437-438.pdf
Health Plan Comparison.pdf

This link provides documents to assist you in knowing your cost responsibility for your health and spending accounts.

Contact Lisa Ouellette with any questions.