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Session 5

What's Happening in Wardsboro . . .


Paper, Scissors, Clay
Program Leader: Gwenn Melis
Grades: K - 3
In this program we will fold paper into Origami animals, mold clay into sculptures, and use scissors for spiral mobiles and 3D art.  For our last class of the session we will cook some play-dough, and enjoy some homemade treats as well.  If we finish our projects and the weather is nice we will go outside for some playground time.  Please join us for some great fun being creative!

Monkey Mantra
Program Leader: Trina Augello
Grades: 3 - 6
Bend, stretch, relax - maybe twist yourself into a pretzel or curl into an animal.  After a long day of sitting in class we will get our blood flowing and bodies moving in this Yoga class.  If the weather is nice we will be taking our mats outside to enjoy some fresh spring air as we relax!


Spring Crafts
Program Leader: Kristen Derry
Grades: K - 6
Let's celebrate spring by crafting random objects and items into seasonal treasures!  Using a variety of materials and our imaginations we will create art projects that say goodbye to winter and hello spring!

The Way Things Work
Program Leader: Ali Davis
Grades: 3 - 6
The Way Things Work is back!!  After being cut short from winter weather during a previous session there is still so much to learn about mechanics!  Taking objects apart, re-building, and even building your own mechanical gadgets will be so fun you won't even know you're learning!


Birds & Blooms
Program Leaders: Gwenn Melis & Alison Brown
Grades: K - 2
In this program we will get into the nitty gritty of gardening!  We'll also do some fun projects creating creatures that you might see during the summer months.  We'll go outside and observe nature and try to spot our resident birds and their nesting habits.  The last week will include a special treat that we'll make, come and enjoy the fun!

Bake & Shake
Program Leader: Kristen Derry
Grades: 3 - 6
Let's head to the kitchen and bake!  We will be baking up some scrumptious treats, adding each recipe to our own bake book.  By doubling, halving, and measuring, fractions have never looked so delicious!  While our treats are in the oven we will shake out some energy playing group games.


Yard Games
Program Leader: Kiley Boyd
Grades: K - 6
Time to go outside and play!  The weather outside is getting nicer by the day and it's time to go out and enjoy it!  From Bocce Ball to tag games, Corn Hole to relay races, we will soak up some sun and have oodles of fun!

Program Leader: Kristen Derry
Grades: K - 6
The Japanese card game that seems to be running rampant around Wardsboro Elementary these days!  Students dual each other in order to diminish their opponents life points - math has never been so fun!