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Session 5

What's Happening in NewBrook . . . 


Spring Explorations
Program Leader: Greenough Nowakoski
Grades: K - 2
Join Greenough to explore nature during this very busy season of growing and blooming.  We'll walk the trails and use all of our senses - like the animals do - to discover plants and insects.  We'll watch and listen for birds and find evidence of animals in the woods.  We'll have lots of fun!

GeoBee Club
Program Leader: Joyce Van Pamelen
Grades: 4 - 6
Hone your geography skills and learn to work together as a team as you solve geography challenges.  We'll be using computers, maps, puzzles, and board games to learn about the USA and countries around the world.

Disc Golf
Program Leader: Gary Keiser
Grades: 5 - 6
Learn to play the fastest growing sport in the world!  Disc golf rules are similar to regular golf but the holes are steel baskets that you throw discs into.  Most anybody can play disc golf.  It's fun, inexpensive (often free to play), and course are popping up all over.  This class will start you on the way to being a great disc golfer!


Play Dough Creations
Program Leader: Jenny Aither
Grades: K - 3
Each week the class will make a different type of non-toxic play dough - using a variety of ingredients and colors.  Students will have the opportunity to create objects by sculpting and using forms, molds, and embellishments.  Plan to have fun!

Cooking Cafe - A Farm to School Program
Program Leader: Bobbi Jo Anderberg
Grades: 4 - 6
Join Bobbi Jo to cook food that's both yummy and nutritious.  We'll use fresh and local ingredients whenever possible, including blueberries we picked last fall!  We'll have fun planning and cooking food for the upcoming L'AFTER party on May 15th.

Music Appreciation III
Program Leader: Gary Keiser
Grades: 3 - 6
What makes pop music pop and rock music rock?  In this class we'll listen to many different genres of music and explore what distinguishes one from the other.  We'll even write our own songs!


Fly and Soar: Acroyoga for Kids
Program Leader: Sammi Rollet
Grades: K - 2
Sammi has returned to NewBrook to lead this new, fun class!  Acroyoga combines elements of yoga and acrobatics with a strong emphasis on safety, play, and community.  Using simple poses and partner games, students will develop a sense of trust while working as a team.

Artful Amusements
Program Leader: Jenn Wagner
Grades: 3 - 6
We can be artful in everything we do, including playing games outside!  In this relaxing class we'll have fun outside then return to the art studio to create pieces of our own unique designs.


The Little Imagination Factory
Program Leaders: Jenn Wagner & Jenny Aither
Grades: K - 3
Bring your unique ideas and personality to this fun class to create art that's all about your imagination.  We'll participate in fun outdoor activities that will inspire us to create beautiful art and crafts.

Program Leader: Trish Coyne
Grades: 4 - 6
Learn new cheers and moves in this active and fun class!  Work together and strut your stuff!

Yearbook Club
Program Leader: Joyce Van Pamelen
Grades: 4 - 6
Students who like to write, take photos, draw and use the computer should sing up to help us produce the 2014 - 2015 NewBrook Yearbook.  All will be considered yearbook staff, working as reporters, photographers, artists and typists to create a printed record of the school year.

In the Garden - A Farm to School Program
Program Leaders: Greenough Nowakoski & the Farm to School Team
Grades: 3 - 6
Let's get our bodies in the sun and our hands in the dirt!  We'll work on a different garden project each week, including designing a garden, making stand up tepees for climbing beans, preparing garden beds and planting seeds.