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Session 2

What's Happening at NewBrook . . .


Nov. 3, 17 & 24, Dec. 1 & 8 (5 classes)

Science Explorers

Program Leader: Greenough Nowakoski Grades: K-2 Class size: 10 students

In this fun science class, young children will participate in activities developed by the Exploratorium, the amazing museum of science, art and human perception in San Francisco. We’ll explore such topics as light, sound, mysterious mixtures, flying things, and more!

LEGO Competition Workshop II

Program Leaders: Joyce Van Pamelen & Molly Wilson Grades: K-6 Class size: 12 students

Let your imagination guide you in this creative LEGO class! Students will design and build original LEGO structures to enter into the 7th Annual Lego Contest and Exhibit at BMAC November 21-23.

GeoBee Club

Program Leaders: Joyce Van Pamelen & Molly Wilson Grades: 4-6 Class size: 12 students

Hone your geography skills as you prepare for the state GeoBee competition. Use computers, maps, reading, puzzles and board games to learn about the USA and countries around the world.

 Kis on the Run

Program Leaders: Jacki Capponcelli & Jenn Wagner Grades: 3-6

After a long day of school, grab your friends and come play some energy-pumping games such as Zombie Tag, Prison Ball, Capture the Flag and more! In this class, students will enjoy a safe, fun and positive experience while learning team building and leadership skills.


Nov. 4, 18 & 25, Dec. 2 & 9 (5 classes)

Build It

Program Leader: Robyn Ziegner Grades: K-2 Class size: 12 students

Using LEGOs, blocks and Lincoln Logs, kids will build structures of their own design, then tell a story and draw a picture of their creations. Pictures and stories will be put together into a book for each child.

Parlor Games Galore

Program Leader: Krista Pulie Grades: 3-4 Class size: 15 students

Come to this class prepared to laugh a LOT! We’ll explore different family-style games such as Charades and Picturegram, which you can share with your family and friends. You’ll also have the chance to show us how to play the games you know.

Music Appreciation

Program Leader: Gary Keiser Grades: 3-6 Class size: 8 students

What makes pop music pop and rock music rock? In this class, we’ll listen to many different genres of music, and explore what distinguishes one from the other. We’ll even write our own songs. Absolutely no dancing allowed! :-)

Art Studio

Program Leader: Jenn Wagner Grades: 3-6 Class size: 8 students

Exploring a variety of art techniques using paper, paint, canvas, pastels and textile art, each student will be encouraged to create art showcasing his or her own unique ideas. Thinking outside the box is encouraged!


Nov. 5, 12 & 19, Dec. 3 & 10 (5 classes)

Fun with Sculpey

Program Leader: Jenn Wagner Grades: K-2 Class size: 12 students

Come and enjoy the highly tactile medium of clay! In each session the young artist will have the opportunity to sculpt objects and creatures of his or her own invention based on a general theme such as a story or holiday. Once baked, Sculpey creations have beautiful color can last for years!

Fractured Fairy Tales

Program Leader: Joyce Van Pamelen Grades: 3-6 Class size: 14 students

Using classic fairy tales as a starting off point, we’ll perform tales with a twist! We’ll work on scripts with wacky, altered plots, design our costumes and sets, and perform our stories for others. This class runs Wednesdays and Thursdays. PLEASE SIGN UP FOR BOTH DAYS.

Kidizens Council

Program Leader: Scotty Tabachnick Grades: 3-6 Class Size: 10 students

Mr. Tabachnick invites students who are interested in making their voices heard to join a leadership team for NewBrook Elementary School. Driven by student ideas and concerns, you’ll work together on projects that improve our school. What is your leadership style? Become a Kidizen and find out!


Nov. 6, 13 & 20, Dec. 4 & 11 (5 classes)

 Art Exploration

Program Leader: Jenn Wagner Grades: K-2 Class Size: 10 students

In this fun class, we’ll explore the properties of various colors, shapes and materials, including wood and recycled materials, as we create fun art pieces and some holiday crafts.

KidzMath Story Time

Program Leader: Jen Aither Grades: 1-2 Class Size: 10 students

Much more than a math class, this program from the Developmental Studies Center lets kids experience mathematics through stories, games, and collaboration. Each week Ms. Jen will read an engaging story as preparation for math games and problem solving. KidzMath will help kids internalize concepts while having fun.

Fractured Fairy Tales

Program Leader: Joyce Van Pamelen Grades: 3-6 Class size: 14 students

See description above. This class runs Wednesdays and Thursdays. PLEASE SIGN UP FOR BOTH DAYS.


Program Leaders: Trish Coyne Grades: 4-6 Class size: 10 students

Get in great shape as you learn fun cheers and routines. Practice your favorite cheer dances and jumps and work together on cheers you can perform as a team.