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Session 2

What's Happening in Marlboro . . .


  11/3   11/10   11/17   12/1   12/8   12/15 

MAGIC:  the  Gathering  

Play  Magic:  the  Gathering  with  your  best  buds.  

Patti  Donnelly  Grades:  2-­‐8             Max:  8  kids  

 Paper  Art  

Paper  is  for  more  than  just  drawing  and  writing.       Explore  paper  mache,  origami,  and  paper  sculpture  

Kelsey  Gately  Grades:  1-­‐4             Max:  8  kids 

Jolt  Electronics 

 Learn  about  the  3  main  aspects  of  electricity:  voltage,  current,  and  resistance.     Explore  the  world  of  electro-­‐magnets,  motors,  and  generators.      Interested  in   speakers,  amplifiers,  microprocessors,  power  supplies?    Make  blinky  lights  and   any  number  of  electronic  things.    We  will  start  with  the  basics  and  see  where  the   groups’  interests  take  us.  

Eric  Matt   Grades:  5-­‐8           Max:  8  kids 

11/4, 11/11, 11/18, 12/2, 12/9, 12/16

BEEC:  Prepare  for  Winter 

 Let’s investigate the changing forest. We will explore how the plants and animals are preparing for the long cold winter, and play games that mimic their activities  

Scott  &  Kristina   Grades:  K-­‐3             Max:  10  kids  


Bring the classic alive on stage, with astounding songs, costumes, and set design. Auditions 10/27/14! There will be many opportunities for without auditions. Interested in set and costume design, lighting and effects? Join the crew! We need your creativity! *This will be a 2 session commitment with an additional day in the second session to prepare for the production. Please be ready for a long-term commitment!

Celena  Romo  Grades:  4-­‐8            Max:  TBD 

Chess  Club 

 Kings,  Queens,  Knights,  and  Rooks.    Learn  the  basics  of  chess  with  a  chess  master.     He’ll  share  his  secret  techniques  and  skills,  unlocking  the  power  of  an  ancient   game  and  all  its  wonder.  

Eric  Strickland   Grades:  3-­‐8             Max:  8  kids 


11/5   11/12   11/19   12/3   12/10   12/17 

Crazy  Chemistry  

Make  your  OWN  CRYSTALS,  Ooblec,  and  more!    Find  out  what  happens  when  you   mix  soda  and  candy  and  build  your  own  volcano!    So  much  chemistry  to  explore!!  

Kelsey  Gately  Grades:  2-­‐6             Max:  8  kids  

Explore  the  World  of  Tasha  Tudor 

 Discover Tasha Tudor's illustrations and ideas with Tasha Tudor Museum Guide (and your very own Art Teacher), Sue Aldridge, who will dress in early 1800's style as Tasha did. By the way, Tasha Tudor lived in Marlboro for many years! You’ll make a miniature Country Fair, with pies, animals, and booth. Plus, make picture frames, miniature post cards and a “Sparrow Postbox” to mail them in.

Sue  Aldridge  Grades:  1-­‐4             Max:  10  kids 


  11/6   11/13   11/20   12/4   12/11   12/18  

Tis the Season for Giving

  Gift  Crafts   As  fall  moves  into  winter,  we  are  drawn  closer  to  those  we  love.       Make  unique,  handcrafted  gifts,  cards,  giftwrap,  and  bags  with  the  Spectacular   Paula  Lavender  and  share  them  with  your  friends,  family,  or     sell  them  at  the  Book  Fair  and  Bizarre!  

Paula  Lavender   Grades:  K-­‐6   Max:  8  kids 


 Make  a  new  toy  or  gear  up  for  winter  with  a  new  scarf!     Come  if  it’s  new;  come  if  you’ve  got  skills  to  share.  

Emily  Walsh   Grades:  1-­‐6   Max:  8  kids  

 Dance  Squad 

 Do you love to dance and preform? Do you want to learn to do a cartwheel or perfect your backhand spring? Are you interested in trick hooping? Do you want to be a part of a really great team? Then Dance Squad is the place to be!!

Carie  Kowlaski   Grades:  2-­‐6   Max:  10  kids