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Session 3

What's Happening in Dover . . .


Build It
Grades: K - 6
Program Leader: Cynthia Cohen
In this class students will create and build their own simple machines using a variety of materials.  They will sue pulleys, levers, wedges, and more as they problem solve to create a working machine of their own design.  This class supports STEM core learning and education.

Movie Making
Grades: K - 6
Program Leader: Greg Montgomery
In this class students will collaboratively work to produce a movie which will be featured at the ITV Festival in 2015.  Students will develop a story, write scripts, be performers, producers, directors and editors of the movie.  This class supports education in the arts as well as technology.


Fun In The Snow
Grades: K - 6
Program Leader: Tamara Allen
In this class students will have fun in the snow.  Children will build forts, go sledding, create snow sculptures, and go snowshoeing.  Children must have proper winter attire to attend this class.  This class supports physical education and cooperation.

Young Chefs
Grades: K - 6
Program Leader: Jocelynn Smith
In this class students will learn the art of cooking.  Children will learn to prepare simple nutritional meals.  They will learn about balanced eating and making healthy food choices.  Students will explore the food pyramid, where certain foods come from and how to create well rounded meals that are quick and easy.  This class supports mathematical education, kitchen safety, and healthy choices.


Build Your Own Computer
Grades: K - 6
Program Leader: Greg Montgomery
In this class students will dismantle non working computers and then work to use the recycled parts to create a working computer, to take home at the end of class.  This class specifically supports Engineering and technology education.

Creative Artists
Grades: K - 6
Program Leader: Kelly Chase
In this art class students will participate in using a variety of mediums as they become young artists.  This class supports development in the arts.  They will imitate the work of famous artists as well as create their own masterpieces.  Projects may include water color painting, working with clay, paper-mache, pastels, oil paint, charcoal drawing and more.   Children should bring an apron or smock to wear to protect their clothing.

No Programs Thursday