Our current supervision and evaluation plan reflects the Vermont Core Teaching Standards and recent changes to the relicensing process. This includes the following.

  • Every year the administrator will share the WCSU Strategic Plan and the school’s Continuous School Improvement Plan with faculty to help choose their goals.

  • Every year teacher will set a minimum of three professional growth goals.

  • In the fall, the teacher and administrator will meet to review teacher goals and administrative support needed.

  • Throughout the year, the administrator will support and give feedback to the teacher.

  • At the end of the school year, teachers will submit a written self-reflection around these goals, supported by evidence. During a teacher’s relicensure year (year 5), the written self-reflection requirement will be waived.

  • The teacher and administrator will meet during the year to discuss progress on professional goals. During the formative year, they will meet at least once midyear. During the summative year, they will meet three times.

  • The administrator will document supervision activity.

  • Every second and fourth year of a teacher’s relicensure cycle will be summative; the administrator will provide written feedback that is reviewed by the teacher and added to his/her personnel file.