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Roles & Responsibilities


Co-facilitators  (to be selected by each GLAM):
  • collaborates with PD Coordinator to address the GLAM’s Charge
  • collaborates with other facilitators as may prove advantageous
  • creates agenda (sent out at least one week in advance)
  • facilitates meetings and participates in group discussion
  • general communication with the group

Note taker (to be selected by each GLAM):
  • records attendance
  • documents work of each GLAM
  • participates in group discussion
  • communicates attendance and documentation to PD Coordinator


  • participates in group discussion
  • liaison to the Administrative Team, reporting back to the ATM following each of the 3 GLAM meetings
  • supports (resources and perspective) the GLAM’s focus on CCSS practice and pedagogy
  • supports the teacher-run aspect of the GLAMs
  • supports facilitator- skill building

  • participate in group discussion
  • contribute student work samples as needed
  • use the cycle of inquiry to engage in reflective practice
  • follow-up on action research in your own teaching
  • hold GLAM accountable for positive effect outcomes for students