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GLAMs Charge and Organization

updated 8/2015

GLAM stands for "Grade Level Assessment Meetings."

GLAMs are PLCs (Professional Learning Communities) whose primary objective is to improve teaching and learning.

GLAMs Charge:

The work of the GLAMs will be devoted to designing implementation strategies to enhance learning environments based on the changes in teaching required by the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Most GLAMs will be reorganized according to the CCSS by grade-level groups as follows:  PreK - K, 1-2, 3-5, 6-8.  High School groups will be defined by the following subject areas:  English, Science, PE/Health, Alt. Ed./Coop, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Math (others?)

Art, Music, PE/Health, and Counseling (at the elementary grades) are not scheduled to meet but are encouraged to organize and conduct content area meetings or develop their own CFGs (Critical Friends Groups) as desired.

Each GLAM group will meet for FOUR full days (or equivalent) during  the school year to be determined by the group and arranged by its facilitator.  Attendance at all GLAM meetings for the entire scheduled time is expected.

Each school will hire and pay for substitutes as needed.

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