Central Office Staff

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Last NameFirst NamePositionExtensioneMail address
Last NameFirst NamePositionExtensioneMail address
Albin Donna Accounting Associate 104 dalbin@windhamcentral.org 
Anton William Superintendent 102 wanton@windhamcentral.org 
Bartlett Melissa Occupational Therapist  107 mpowers@windhamcentral.org 
Betit-Hancock Stephanie Director of Special Education 105 sbetit-hancock@windhamcentral.org 
Bullock Emily Guidance Counselor N/A ebullock@windhamcentral.org 
Burke Kevin Director of Technology 802-221-2169 kburke@windhamcentral.org 
Dix Carrie Essential Early Education Teacher 802-365-7506 ext. 121 cdix@windhamcentral.org 
Fletcher Teri Accounts Payable/Receivable Officer-Asst. Treasurer 111 tfletcher@windhamcentral.org 
Fuller Thara Dir. of Expanded Learning Programs (21 CCLC) 118 tfuller@windhamcentral.org 
Garland Laurie Business Manager 124 lgarland@windhamcentral.org 
Hescock Alison  Administrative Assistant to Special Ed. Director 112 ahescock@windhamcentral.org 
Johns  Claire  Human Resources 108 cjohns@windhamcentral.org 
Kiefer Sarah School Psychologist 109 skiefer@windhamcentral.org 
Langevin Lori Admin. Manager/ HR Assistant 106 llangevin@windhamcentral.org 
McKinney Michael Instrumental Music Teacher N/A mmckinney@windhamcentral.org 
McKusick Jen Director of Curriculum 103 jmckusick@windhamcentral.org 
Mears  Deb Admin. Assistant/Medicaid Clerk 121 dmears@windhamcentral.org 
Nardone Holly Speech & Language Pathologist 117 hnardone@windhamcentral.org 
Robinson Cathy Technology Assistant N/A crobinson@windhamcentral.org 
Stent Geoffrey Physical Therapist 107 gstent@windhamcentral.org 
Thibault Lois School Nurse N/A lthibault@windhamcentral.org 
West Carla Physical Education Teacher N/A cwest@windhamcentral.org 
Wood Debbie Accounts Payable/Payroll Officer /Benefits 126 dwood@windhamcentral.org 
Wright Margaret Admin. Assistant to Superintendent and Director of Curriculum 101 mwright@windhamcentral.org 
Showing 24 items